I am big fan of Quora because it opens your mind to so much real life questions and answers. One particular question caught my eye this morning and I was impressed with the answer given by an Author, Entrepreneur, Investor and Adventurer by name Doug Armey.

He detailed some observations of successful people and also used himself as an example to answer this question.

It is important to note that while this was the best answer available on the question, it might not work for everybody. Pick what works for you and let’s see you succeed.

My top 7 observations of successful people and my personal habits.

And yes, we’re pretty boring.

  1. Dress. They tend to have a very limited work wardrobe. Think Steve Jobs. Black turtleneck, black jeans, black shoes. Every day. I have 4 pairs of pants I rotate through my work week. I have 4 colors of shirts that go with them. When I get up in the morning I look at what I wore the day before and put on the next one. Boom! Done! Move on!
  2. Breakfast. I eat basically the same thing every day. I can make it in my sleep. Which some days I feel like I’m doing. While fixing it I can think about more important things. Meditate. Plan for the day. I make it quick and easy. It’s nutritious and settles well. Gives me energy to get the day started. Boom! Done! Let’s move on!
  3. Lunch. I eat basically the same lunch every day, too. I make it while I’m eating breakfast. It’s quick and easy. Nutritious, not fattening, energizing. I eat at my desk most days so I can work. Double benefit. It’s light and no alcohol so I don’t get sleepy. Just enough for an Energizer Bunny afternoon. Boom! Done! Let’s move on!
  4. Schedule. I follow pretty much the same routine every day. When I go to bed and wake up. When I write and go to my office. Even at my office I time block my day to optimize. I get more done. I don’t need to stop to schedule. I don’t need to make decisions about what to do next. I accomplish everything I need in less time. Boom! Done! Let’s move on!
  5. Sleep. I get 8 1/2 hours every night. More I feel sluggish. Less I feel drowsy. It’s the right number for me. I can work at my peak effectiveness. Every day. If I cut sleep to work more I actually get less done because I’m just not as sharp. I’ve experimented. This is optimal for me. Boom! Done! Let’s move on!
  6. Distractions. When I’m at work, while the other financial consultants are distracted by TV financial news and emails, I turn it all off. I focus on what I need to get done. No TV. Check my emails 3 times a day. Never text. Read the latest news while I’m eating lunch. Get a heck of a lot done without distractions and stress. Boom! Done! Let’s move on!
  7. Marriage. Staying married to one woman my whole life has contributed more to my success than all other things combined. I remember the stress and distraction of dating. I love my wife. Can’t imagine living without her. She fills up my life with love and joy. She’s my lover and partner. Now that’s success. Boom! Done! Never moving on!

These have helped me immensely. And most of the truly successful people I’ve known share pretty much the same characteristics.

Oh and on number 7? I’ve said to my wife, “If something ever happened to you I can’t imagine getting out in the dating scene again. That thought is terrifying.

“Oh, and I’d hate to go through being trained up again.”

Success comes from putting the ordinary on autopilot so you have time for the extraordinary.


Source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-lesser-known-habits-of-highly-successful-people


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