Over the years, perceptions of the African Traditional Spirituality has been mostly skewed due to the demonization of the practice.

Many people have denigrated traditional spirituality and the beliefs of our ancestors due to the lack of understanding of the purpose of this practice.

One person who seeks to ‘demystify’ the African Traditional spirituality and ‘enlighten’ the masses about the efficacy of this practice is Vodu practitioner Christopher Voncujovi through his African Magic Temple.

The traditional shrine offers spiritual aid and consultation to make traditional West African Spirituality accessible to anyone interested, especially the youth as they seek to awaken their spiritual selves for both individual and communal benefit.

People and Places put the spotlight on the Temple and its founder in its maiden edition. The show which seeks to project peculiar personalities and bring to life unique stories around all regions of the country sees Voncujovi tell the world his interesting story.

Watch the full interview here:


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